Are You A Busy Doctor Who Is...

  • Struggling with chronic stress, burnout or overwhelm, and looking to increase resilience and energy?

  • Feeling challenged to fulfill patients' (and your own) needs?

  • Experiencing anxiety or depression?

  • Neglecting your own self-care?

  • Frustrated from trying (and failing) at mindfulness meditation practices?

  • Satisfied career-wise, but looking to go from 'successful' to 'exceptional'?

  • Hoping to achieve a better work-life balance (but too busy to drive to a meditation class)?

  • Tired of 'waiting for the next step' of your life or career to find happiness?

  • Craving real change in your life, and willing to make the changes to get it?

If so, then The REST Technique is for you.

This Outside-the-Box Meditation Course Will Help You:

  • Re-Wire Your Body's Stress Response

    Neutralize the effects of cortisol and adrenaline from your near-constant survival mode. Increase production of serotonin, dopamine, DHEA-S, and endogenous opioids.

  • Become Less Reactive

    Become less reactive in high-stakes clinical situations. Be more easily adaptable to changes and setbacks. Maximize your ‘Adaptation Energy’.

  • Be There For Your Patients

    Improve your clinical intuition and instincts. Reconnect with your compassion and empathy, your patients, and yourself. Stay in the moment during a hectic day of patient care.

  • Increase Your Energy and Creativity

    Increase energy and creativity to come up with impactful solutions to improve the healthcare system. Get more done in less time. Improve digestion and immune function, leading to less sick days and more energy.

  • Get Better Sleep

    Improve your sleep and catch up on years (decades!) of chronic sleep deprivation. How? The REST Technique is up to 5 times more restful than sleep.

  • Earn CME Credits

    'Meditation for Doctors: A Guide to the REST Technique' is accredited for 6 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ (please see bottom of this page for additional details).

The REST Technique is a powerful, easy to do meditation practice that Dr. Jill Wener has adapted from her internationally-renowned live Conscious Health Meditation Course.

It's unlike any other type of meditation you've tried before.

  • Because it maximizes the 'stay and play' function of the parasympathetic nervous system, the REST Technique accesses a uniquely restful state that is up to 5 times more restful than sleep.

  • You'll always sit comfortably, with your back supported.

  • The mind has thoughts, just like the heart beats, so you will never be asked to clear your mind or control your thoughts!

  • You'll learn to become a self-sufficient meditator, without reliance on guided meditation recordings or apps.

  • You'll learn how to easily fit the meditation into your busy life as a physician, and it'll make you so efficient that you'll get the time back (and then some!).

  • The meditations are pleasant and easy-to-do, and you'll start noticing benefits quickly (there's NO SUFFERING in the REST Technique!).

Master The REST Technique

Commit to Creating a Healthier, Happier YOU Today (with a technique that's easy to fit into your busy schedule)!


What's Inside the Course?

Here's What You'll Learn in This Life-Changing Course

  • 1

    CME Statement

    • A Special Note About CME Credit (please review)
  • 2

    MODULE 1: Getting Started

  • 3

    MODULE 2: Going Into the Why Behind the Benefits

    • Lesson: The Benefits of the REST Technique
    • Learning Activity: Which Benefits Are Most Critical to You?
    • Share Activity #2
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 2 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 4

    MODULE 3: Intuition, Self-Sabotage and Fear

    • Lesson: Meditation and Moving Towards Fear
    • From the Front Lines: An Anesthesiologist's Experience with the REST Technique
    • Learning Activity: The Self-Sabotage Check-In Exercise
    • Share Activity #3
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 3 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 5

    MODULE 4: Diving Deeper into the Comparison of Meditation Types

    • Lesson: How Does the REST Technique Stack Up
    • Infographic: Comparison of Different Types of Meditation
    • Learning Activity: Breath Exercise
    • Share Activity #4
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 4 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 6

    MODULE 5: The Rest Technique and the Mindset Around Time

    • Lesson: The REST Technique and the Mindset Around Time
    • From the Front Lines: A Family Practice Doc's Experience with the REST Technique
    • Learning Activity: Objections and Your Inner Critic
    • Share Activity #5
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 5 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 7

    MODULE 6: How to Fit the REST Technique into Your Day

    • Lesson: Fitting the REST Technique Into Your Day
    • Learning Activity: Discover How You Will Fit Your Meditation Practice Into Your Life
    • Share Activity #6
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 6 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 8

    MODULE 7: Let's Meditate! Putting the REST Technique Into Practice

    • Lesson: Let's Meditate - Putting the REST Technique Into Practice
    • The REST Technique
    • Meditation Practice: 5-Minute Guided Meditation
    • Learning Activity: Let's Meditate
    • Meditation Tracker
    • Share Activity #7
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 7 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 9

    MODULE 8: How to Deal With Thoughts and Why

    • Lesson: Dealing with Your Thoughts During Meditation
    • Learning Activity: Note and Record the Thoughts You Had During the Meditation
    • Share Activity #8
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 8 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 10

    MODULE 9: Adaptation Energy

    • Lesson: Adaptation Energy: How Our Bodies Handle Stress
    • Learning Activity: Observing Your Stress Triggers
    • Share Activity #9
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 9 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 11

    MODULE 10: Not Your Med School Professor's Stress Physiology

    • Lesson: Stress Physiology: What You Didn't Learn in Med School
    • From the Front Lines: A Pediatric Emergency Doc's Experience with the REST Technique
    • Learning Activity: Good Memories, Bad Memories, and Sensory Stimulus Triggers
    • Share Activity #10
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 10 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 12

    MODULE 11: Addressing Faith and Religion

    • Lesson: Meditation Practice and Addressing Faith and Religion
    • Learning Activity: Meditation, Mantras, and Conflicts with Our Belief Systems
    • Share Activity #11
    • Module 11 Wrap UP
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 13

    MODULE 12: Reassurance About Normal Experiences in Meditation

    • Lesson: Normal Experiences That Can Occur During Meditation
    • Learning Activity: Your Daily Go-To Thought Patterns
    • Share Activity #12
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 12 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 14

    MODULE 13: A Strategy for Approaching Everything You Experience During Meditation

    • Lesson: The Experience of Stress Release During Meditation
    • Learning Activity: Your Emotions and Physical Sensations During Meditation
    • Share Activity #13
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 13 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 15

    MODULE 14: Meditation Troubleshooting: 10 Things You Think You Are Doing Wrong

    • Lesson: Meditation Troubleshooting
    • Learning Activity: Troubleshooting Your Meditation
    • Share Activity #14
    • Turn Inwards
    • Module 14 Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 16

    MODULE 15: What to Expect As You Move Forward

    • Lesson: Wrapping Up and Moving Forward
    • Learning Activity: Looking Back and Looking Forward
    • Share Activity #15
    • Turn Inwards
    • Course Wrap Up
    • Feedback (optional)
  • 17

    End-of-Course Test (for CME credit)

    • How to claim your CME credits
    • End-of-Course Test (for CME credit)
  • 18

    Course Wrap Up and Next Steps

    • Let's See How Far You've Come!
    • Voucher for Future Courses
    • Congratulations on Finishing The Course! Here's What's Next:
  • 19


    • Meditation Tracker
    • Guided Compassion Meditation
    • In the Mind of the Meditator
    • 3 Practical Tools to Shift Your CHAOS to CALM and Recharge Instantly- Anytime, Anywhere
    • Meditation for Shift Workers
    • Recommended Reading List
    • Tapping 101 for Doctors
Watch Intro Video

Dr Laura Grimmer, General Surgeon, shares her experiences with the REST Technique

"The REST Technique increased my clinical intuition... Plus it made me less reactive with my kids!"

The Bonuses

When you enroll today, you'll get instant access to these amazing meditation resources.

  • MEDITATION TRACKER ( digital download)


  • In the Mind of the Meditator (audio)

  • 3 Practical Tools to Shift Your CHAOS to CALM and Recharge Instantly- Anytime, Anywhere (videos)

  • Meditation for Shift Workers (digital download)

  • Recommended Reading List (digital download)

  • Tapping 101 for Doctors (video)

Why Learn the REST Technique?

Because Great Patient Care Begins With Focused Self-Care

Enroll Now!

The REST Technique Course Delivers

If reducing the impact of stress on your daily life and delivering better patient care are important to you, you NEED this course!

  • Increased compassion and empathy

  • Enhanced clinical intuition

  • Decreased depression and anxiety

  • Better sleep

  • Improved proficiency and productivity

  • Greater calm and less reactivity

  • Improved interpersonal relationships

  • Better problem-solving skills

Your Course Instructor

Jill Wener, MD

Jill Wener, MD

After 10+ years practicing Internal Medicine in a busy urban hospital, Jill knows firsthand what severe stress and burnout feel like. In the midst of her own burnout, she was introduced to Conscious Health Meditation, and it had a profound effect on her resilience and reactivity.

Like many healthcare professionals, Jill was initially skeptical of spiritual practices. However, as she learned the science behind Conscious Health Meditation, she embraced the training and marveled at the results of the practice.

After 2 years of advanced coursework, Jill completed her 3-month teacher training in Rishikesh, India in April, 2016. After several years of teaching meditation to healthcare professionals nationwide in her live courses, Jill used her expertise and experience to adapt the fundamentals of the powerful Conscious Health Meditation practice to create the The Rest Technique Online Course.

Jill’s 8+ years of meditation practice and 3+ years of teaching meditation, combined with the teaching and mentoring skills developed during her academic medical career, her personal experience with burnout, and her intimate understanding of the healthcare system, make her uniquely suited to teach The REST Technique and other stress-reduction modalities to healthcare professionals from all fields.

As a nationally-renowned expert in physician wellness, Jill uses meditation and mindfulness as key tools in her holistic approach to wellness and stress management. In addition to teaching The REST Technique Online course and her live Conscious Health Meditation courses, Jill has presented on stress reduction at medical conferences on the regional and national level.

What Jill's Students Say


Improved Clinical Intuition


"I had a very intuitive a-ha moment at work today. I was able to make a rare and life-saving diagnosis by putting together a lot of subtle findings that had been missed by other physicians. I believe the meditation has really improved my intuition and clinical judgment. Suddenly everything clicked together- it was a really cool experience."

An Easy to Integrate Daily Practice


“After years of trying to meditate on my own via apps, timers, books etc, I connected with Jill. As a fellow physician, I knew she was what I was looking for in learning to meditate. It was amazing! Jill is able to bridge the world of Vedic wisdom with the science of medicine, which is just what I was looking for in a teacher. More importantly, she teaches meditation so that it truly is easy. My daily practice no longer feels hard or uncomfortable. I am taking time to meditate every day, and that helps me feel more calm in my work and home life.”

A Highlight of My Day


“This course did a phenomenal job of teaching me to how to meditate in an effortless manner. As a busy physician, meditation has significantly reduced my stress level, and allowed me to become more focused on prioritizing the aspects of my career that I enjoy the most. Meditation has definitely become one of the highlights of my day and has been a life-changing experience.”

Easier Than Other Types of Meditation


"So happy to have found the REST Technique because Jill makes it so much easier than any meditation practice I have tried in the past. Interrupted by thoughts? No problem, that's normal! Not enough time? That's ok, some meditation is better than no meditation! Not getting 'deep enough'? It's about the journey, not the destination. Sooooo good!"

Practical Benefits to Get Me Through


“I'm taking the re-cert boards in about 6 weeks and it's such a comfort to know that I'll have meditation as a resource before and during the exam!”

A Different Kind of Meditation


“The course allowed me to let go of my preconceived ideas about meditation and people who meditate. I am increasingly comfortable with the practice- it gives me a reason/prescription to take time for myself. I am sure that I will continue to grow but I am already starting to feel the effects. The world will go on if I take time for myself!”

A Gift of Stress Release


“I truly feel so fortunate that I was able to learn this form of meditation. I feel very comfortable with the meditation and hope to continue forming this habit. The ability to embrace thoughts and recognize that the body’s release of stress via physical “symptoms” was beautiful. This technique will best help me to maintain purpose and to learn how to maintain a calmness/stillness and remain even-keeled.”

I'm a Much Better Version of Me


"This was the first time meditating that I felt less stressed about my reaction- whatever happened was okay! I felt a lot more relaxed, which allowed me to reap the benefits quickly. I have more energy, I feel less run down and less anxious or like the 'world is out to get me'. I'm able to let things go that previously would make me anxious or ruminate. Life is more fun, and I'm a much better version of me than pre-meditation. I'm more energized about my work. I'm more open to others' thoughts- I am more likely to think the best of others as opposed to the worst."

Change Your Life
and Your Practice

Put the REST Technique
to Work for You!

Enroll Now!

Still Have Questions?

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    This course consists of 15 actionable learning modules. On average, students complete the course in about 3 weeks. However, you are under no pressure to complete the course in that time frame.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You'll have access to the course for 6 months from your date of enrollment.

  • What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

    Well, I would be sad! But if you're really unhappy with the course after completing 3 modules, just email me within 5 days to get a full refund.

  • I still have a question, how can I contact you?

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Just email me at

  • Will I be able to interact with other students in the course?

    Yes, you'll be able to join our private Facebook group after you enroll in the course. There you can interact and share your experiences in the course with other physicians in the course.

  • Do I need prior experience with meditation before I can enroll in the course?

    Absolutely not! All are welcome. We'll spend the first few modules going over the fundamentals of meditation and the REST technique. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to master this meditation. I can't wait to teach you!

  • What does REST stand for?

    The REST Technique is so effective because it maximizes parasympathetic activity and minimizes sympathetic activity, and in doing so, it is up to 5 times more restful than sleep. The REST acronym emphasizes the deep rest you will achieve during your meditation, and is an intimate part of the technique that you will learn in the course.

  • Is there a discount available for medical students and residents?

    Yes, the sooner you learn the REST Technique, the better (for both you and your career)! If you are a current medical student or resident, you receive 60% off of the course fee. Just email us at with your current student ID, and we'll send you a coupon code.

  • Can I sign up for this course if I am not a doctor?

    The short answer: yes.

    Here's the longer answer: This course is designed with healthcare professionals, in particular doctors, in mind. If you are not in healthcare, and you wish to take this course, you may do so, with the following caveats: please note that the content is geared towards physicians' understanding of some health issues and physiology. In addition, the REST Technique Facebook group is a forum where course participants will be sharing experiences during the course, and this discussion will also be geared towards doctors. The actual meditation technique applies to people of any background!

    If you are a nurse, PA, NP, PT, OT, dietician, social worker or psychologist, you may also take this course for continuing education credit (just check with your state licensing board to make sure it has reciprocity with the state of IL. This reciprocity is not an issue for CME, which will work in all states).

    We plan to adapt this course for non-healthcare participants over the next several months, so check back in late 2019/early 2020 if you are not in healthcare and prefer to wait.

Experience Meditation Like You've Never Seen it Before!

*Get incredible, quick benefits without clearing the mind, controlling your thoughts, or sitting uncomfortably.

  • $439.00

    One-Time Payment


Shift Your CHAOS

With The REST Technique

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See You in the Course!

CME Information and Disclosures

(the fine print)

Faculty and Disclosure Information

Jill Wener, MD and Beth-Anne Christopher, MS, RN, CNL have indicated they have no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

It is the policy of the Rush University Office of Interprofessional continuing Education to ensure that its CE activities are independent, free of commercial bias and beyond the control of persons or organizations with an economic interest in influencing the content of CE. Everyone who is in a position to control the content of an educational activity must disclose all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interest (including but not limited to pharmaceutical companies, biomedical device manufacturers, or other corporations whose products or services are related to the subject matter of the presentation topic) within the preceding 12 months.

Unapproved Uses of Drugs/Devices: In accordance with requirements of the FDA, the audience is advised that information presented in this continuing medical education activity may contain references to unlabeled or unapproved uses of drugs or devices. Please refer to the FDA approved package insert for each drug/device for full prescribing/utilization information. This course is administered via an online teaching platform allows for interactivity with the use of a private discussion group solely for participants of the course.

Accreditation and Designation Statements

In support of patient care, Rush University Medical Center is accredited by the American Nurses

Credentialing Center (ANCC), the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing education for the healthcare team. Rush University Medical Center designates this live activity for a maximum of 6.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™. Physicians should claim only credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. ANCC Credit Designation – Nurses- The maximum number of hours awarded for this CE activity is 6.0 contact hours.

Rush University is an approved provider for physical therapy (216.000272), occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, social work (159.001203), nutrition, speech-audiology, and psychology by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. Rush University designates this live activity for 6.0 Continuing Education credit(s).

This activity is being presented without bias and without commercial support.


In order to obtain credit, each participant is expected to complete the online material in its entirety and complete a quiz at the end of the course with a minimum 80% passing grade. Participants will then evaluate the course and claim credit. The course is expected to take 6 hours to complete.

Course ID Number: EN165-0619

Release Date: 06/30/2019

End Date: 6/30/2020

Estimated Time of Completion: 6 hours

Course Objectives:

1. Practice a daily stress reduction technique

2. Apply knowledge of the sympathetic flight/flight physiology to a meditation practice

3. Apply General Adaptation Theory to physical and emotional manifestations of stress

4. Apply strategies to address self-limiting beliefs and formation of new habits